How can electronic signatures be integrated into the business environment?

Currently, most solutions for electronic signatures are entirely web-based. With these programs, you can sign any type of document online in read only mode. Different people can sign online at different places. They provide different signature capture devices. This software…

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How to enrich product descriptions with marketing data in a simple way?

The product sheets that require the description of the products in question have important roles in digital marketing. As the most important pages of the commercial website, product sheets require know-how in order to turn ordinary visitors into customers. The…

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How can we prioritise different data resources?

Data collection is essential in many aspects of a company’s life. It is even more so when the company in question is evolving in the digital world. It must be carried out in accordance with the regulations in force and…

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How to improve your data integration?

There are several ways to integrate your data. You should choose a tool according to your expectations. Nowadays, it is possible to rely on virtual solutions to facilitate all integrations. The nature and source of the data can also have…

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Product catalogue: how to centralise the information?

Currently, there are so many ways to gather product information as there are distributors, suppliers, service panels and products. The offerings of product distributors complement each other and evolve. This complicates the convergence effort and the complexity of collecting and…

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What are the advantages of storing product data in one place?

Online sales platforms and some companies often struggle to manage the information of various products in their catalogue. Accessible in different departments, this information is shared with multiple international contacts. How do they manage their product information? They do so…

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