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Artificial Intelligence

Monitoring the Model Landscape: Tools for Ensuring AI Performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various sectors, bringing unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Yet, to harness its full potential, constant vigilance over the performance of these AI models becomes quintessential. This involves keeping a keen eye on the model landscape,…

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Product Information Management

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency with Product Information Management

Product information is at the heart of modern commerce. It shapes customer decisions, underpins logistics and supply chains, and drives marketing strategies. Without accurate, up-to-date product information, businesses risk losing customers, profits, and even regulatory compliance. However, the sheer volume…

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What are the sales channels linked to the PIM system?

PIM or Product Information Management software is software that allows you to manage products in the following way: it stores your data in one place and shares them across all your sales channels. PIM helps you to centralise your product…

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How can you organise and track your tasks with PIM?

Of course, all companies have to manage the information about the products they sell. This is information about the product, such as its characteristics, descriptions, files, etc. It is also likely that they aim to make their services visible on…

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Why is it interesting to couple a PIM with a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

The highly competitive and widespread market encourages distributors and manufacturers to innovate and bring out new products. Their data must be consolidated if these economic operators wish to improve their innovation plan in the long term. Indeed, more and more…

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The electronic signature: a basic trend in insurance and banking

Before the spread of online banking, the dematerialisation of signatures was one of the main innovations in digital banking. It is a major trend in banking and insurance. The main features of the digital signature The digital signature simplifies the…

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Electronic signatures are a lifeline in the face of lockdowns

The electronic signature is increasingly used in transactions since the covid-19 pandemic. This tool helps to avoid contact between individuals, thus preventing the transmission of the disease. In these difficult times, many people see the electronic signature as a real…

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Customer journey optimisation: a priority for marketers in 2020

As the business becomes more digital, companies must align their goals with those of their customers. Successful companies become customer-centric, deriving sustainable recurring value for both themselves and their customers. Value creation depends on understanding the customer at every stage…

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What are the upcoming challenges of artificial intelligence?

Man has always wanted to have a computer that acts even without his intervention. This way he can focus on other things rather than doing repetitive actions. The computer must therefore act as if it were a human. The creation…

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Spotlight on the trend of digital marketing automation

The evolution of marketing into a smarter environment has been quite marked in recent years. It used to be that business data was a commodity that represents the capital of companies. But now companies are collecting data to exploit it…

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