What are the sales channels linked to the PIM system?

PIM or Product Information Management software is software that allows you to manage products in the following way: it stores your data in one place and shares them across all your sales channels. PIM helps you to centralise your product data. As a result, all your information will be unique and usable through this system. But which channels are linked to this system?

What are the channels of the PIM system?

The PIM software offered by Goaland can work with various channels such as the physical point of sale (PoS), the Marketplace, online e-commerce, the web, point of sale advertising (POS), ERP, CRM and paper or electronic catalogues. Mobile applications, sales tablets, kiosks and social media can also be fed by the PIM system. Note that this data will circulate through all these sales channels. It is the same information everywhere. During your research, you will discover the PIM software offered by Goaland, a product that is very popular today.

How do you go about making the PIM system effective for all channels?

First of all, the channels must be managed in a rational way. For online products, the information should be as complete as possible to avoid objections. There will be no physical person to convince the customer. Furthermore, all information should be consistent in terms of price, picture and speech. Indeed, all data communicated should be the same from the physical shop to the online shop. In combination with other software such as CRM and ERP, PIM can manage multilingual online shops, different taxes and currencies, SEO as well as the compliance of the online sites and the mandatory legal notices.

What are the advantages of the PIM system?

PIM allows you to access other systems to communicate the information it holds, but also to interact with it. This is why it is multi-channel. It manages your data in several languages. It can also generate a dashboard to track the progress of your products. PIM saves you money and makes you more money. With this software, you can directly enrich your product files. It serves to multiply the distribution channels as well as the data sources. The use of a PIM guarantees you better services and time savings. It also acts in the segmentation of customer files in the same way as a CRM.
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