What is growth hacking?

Originally conceived to promote only start-ups, the usefulness of the term growth hacking is becoming more than common. Called unreasonable, but this thought is mostly genius. Sometimes it is defined as the politics of the never seen. Sometimes it is called the outlawed but more effective method. Therefore, the exact and clear definition of this term does not yet exist. Because it is difficult to describe. But what exactly does growth hacking mean? Find the answer to this question in this content.

Growth hacking: the absurd but very clever idea

According to the origin of the term, growth hacking is first of all a concept. Or more precisely, the pure work of a mind. This is why its implementation is not based on the adaptability or legality of the means used. But the practice of this fast growth marketing focuses above all on how to achieve this development and in the shortest possible time. And what makes this strategy exceptional is that it does not use tools that already exists and corresponds to the standards. Instead, it uses the so-called prohibited, but effective methods to achieve its goals. Hence the idea's absurdity.

The HG: an exceptional marketing policy

Growth hacking is often referred to as a unique marketing tactic. This is because the strategy uses solutions that are not known or not yet adopted by everyone to achieve the expected results. Thus, it frequently uses illegal paths by diverting those legally developed by others. This is a very unusual idea! Moreover, this obvious procedure is rather rare, because it is not a solution that is constantly active and adapts to all types of problems. And the exceptionality of this technique is mainly measured by its achievement of a growth in a rather short period of time.

Growth hacking: the true methodology of success

It's true, fast growth marketing is the methodology of success. Because this thinking only aims at achieving the set goal, using all means, even the most dubious ones. And as a specificity of this notion, the growth hacking method does not accept any defeat. As long as the finalities are not positive, it does not stop looking for the ideal solution, even if it means destroying all the systems that have been carefully designed. This is why it is called a crazy idea. In addition, the design refuses to follow the previously established rule, because it must obtain the intended development as quickly as possible.
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