Electronic signatures are a lifeline in the face of lockdowns

The electronic signature is increasingly used in transactions since the covid-19 pandemic. This tool helps to avoid contact between individuals, thus preventing the transmission of the disease. In these difficult times, many people see the electronic signature as a real innovation. Have you received an e-mail asking you to sign your electronic PDF?

Enjoying your daily activities even in lockdowns

In times of health crisis, it is important to be able to minimise the risk of disease transmission. This is because covid-19 can easily be transmitted from one person to another. To prevent the spread of the disease, everyone should make an effort to observe restrictions on their daily activities. For example, contact should be avoided when shopping, making deliveries or any other action involving several individuals. Electronic signatures are a very good way of doing this, as the customer no longer needs to be in front of the salesperson or delivery person when signing documents. They can do it from their computer or phone, and send the invoice, acknowledgement of receipt or transfer order by e-mail. If you want to limit the spread of covid-19, sign your PDFs online. In general, electronically signed documents are always in PDF format, as this is a very reliable extension. However, it is not always easy to put your signature on this type of file. But fortunately, there are applications that allow you to do this on the Internet.

How to sign electronic files?

PDF files are particularly reliable in that their contents always retain the same structure, regardless of the application used to open them. But PDFs are primarily intended to be read, not modified. To be able to apply an electronic signature to this type of file, it is therefore necessary to use dedicated software. Today, there are thousands of applications that have the ability to make changes to a PDF. Some are more difficult to use than others, but some of them are available for free. There are even online platforms that specialise in this activity alone.

Can electronic signatures replace paper signatures?

The presence of a signature on a document means that the signatory accepts the terms and conditions mentioned on it. Whether it is a paper document or an electronic file, it still has the same value. In the event of a lawsuit, electronically signed files are fully admissible in court. It is therefore important that you read through a document in detail before signing it, even if it is a PDF for example.
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