Digital trends

Trend: Business awareness of SEO

SEO has become a very popular marketing solution these days. The benefits of this strategy vary depending on the techniques used. You will have the opportunity to optimise your income with the right strategy. Search Engine Optimization will work directly…

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What is growth hacking?

Originally conceived to promote only start-ups, the usefulness of the term growth hacking is becoming more than common. Called unreasonable, but this thought is mostly genius. Sometimes it is defined as the politics of the never seen. Sometimes it is…

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Why do companies increasingly rely on automation?

Companies are motivated by the need to keep up with the digital transformation and must embrace the use of automation. But what are the benefits? Focus. What is automation in business? Automation in business requires the implementation of automated equipment…

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Quality and completeness indicators: what are their use?

Quality and completeness indicators allow a company to take stock. Indeed, thanks to them, a company can improve its operational performance, be more competitive, but also learn to satisfy its customers. As a result of these indicators, companies can correct…

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PIM: how to quickly achieve ROI?

Before validating a budget to finance a strategy, a service or a project, a question always comes up in the meeting of the employees of a company: What will be the potential return on investment, namely the ROI? There are…

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How to update and adapt your content for good SEO?

To ensure that your content is SEO-friendly, you need to focus on several elements. You have to assess the quality of your content in order to improve your update. In some cases, it may be necessary to change your writing…

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