How to enrich product descriptions with marketing data in a simple way?

The product sheets that require the description of the products in question have important roles in digital marketing. As the most important pages of the commercial website, product sheets require know-how in order to turn ordinary visitors into customers. The aim is to convince visitors to buy a product through its description. To optimise this description, it is important to refer to the marketing data stored in the PIM or Product Information Management.

Optimising marketing data management

Marketing data refers to all structured and arranged data that are usually stored in an IT medium. This information is especially useful in the field of marketing and sales actions. Marketing data are also essential for digital marketing, including descriptions of products for sale. In addition, they are used to segment and reference in all marketing strategies. Thus, optimising the management of marketing data is a non-negligible factor. PIM, or Product Information Management, is the ideal solution for this. PIM stands for Product Information Management and is a data management method that ensures the reliability and quality of marketing data.       

Choosing the right keywords

Keywords are always essential in all types of web writing. They enhance the website in question and maximise traffic. Thus, well-chosen keywords contribute to the optimisation of the visibility of the products to be sold in the search engine results and they amplify the popularity of the online shop among consumers. To do this, it is important to identify the target clientele in order to choose keywords that correspond to their needs and behaviour. These consumer profiles are included in the marketing data, so it is ideal to use and build on these elements. However, care must be taken not to stuff the content with keywords.        

Putting key arguments forward

Key arguments are those arguments about the products on sale that are convincing. This means the value of the products in question and the consumer benefits. In order to ensure that the necessary information is included in the product descriptions, it is important to be familiar with it. This information concerns the essential characteristics, the materials of manufacture, the modes of use and the utilities of the products. This is the structural information in the marketing data that must be stored in the PIM.
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