Electronic signature: which documents can be signed?

Thanks to the technological evolution and also to the various innovations brought about by the covid pandemic, the signing of various documents can be done from a distance. This means that everything can be done online, including the signing of various documents and files such as electronic Word signatures, PDF files and many others. This innovation was made to make people's lives easier by certifying files and documents online. Administrative papers can also be signed online. All these digital innovations are very useful.

Different documents available for electronic signature

Since you cannot go anywhere, the Word electronic signature facilitates your life. You don't have to go anywhere; you can sign everything at home wherever you are. But which documents can you sign electronically? First of all you can electronically sign all kinds of documents, but it can also depend on the type of the software you use. Among the documents available for electronic signature are: quotations, purchase orders, contracts of all types, various administrative and non-administrative invoices, letters and mission orders, purchase orders, agreement letters and bank documents. Also legal papers and files can be signed electronically, such as court or chamber of commerce files. Various HR documents are also available for electronic signature in Microsoft Word.

What does electronic signature mean?

As the name suggests, an electronic signature is the possibility to sign various documents that are in digital format. Signing these documents online allows you to recognise and accept everything in this document. Even if you are not physically present, this electronic Word signature shows that you are agreeing to acknowledge and be responsible for everything that this document informs. To make this possible, special software has been created to perform a specific cryptography of the signature. The electronic signature is above all legal

What advantages can be gained by choosing an electronic signature?

Several advantages can be gained by opting for an electronic signature. What are they? Among the advantages are: the possibility of storing and archiving documents in digital format and type, easier management of the various electronic documents, perfect time saving, a very useful system for archiving your documents and no need to store everything in boxes as it is all stored.
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