Spotlight on the trend of digital marketing automation

The evolution of marketing into a smarter environment has been quite marked in recent years. It used to be that business data was a commodity that represents the capital of companies. But now companies are collecting data to exploit it intelligently.

From smart data to digital marketing automation

The intelligent use of data that forms a deluge of information is managed by smart data. For a personalised customer journey, the data must be used wisely for each customer. You can find out about the various CRM software available on the market. As an SME, you need to take care of a CRM solution for data analysis and exploitation. Personalisation through digital marketing automation remains one of the key elements for marketing effectiveness. For your web marketing campaigns, it remains a decisive tool that determines your success. It is an analysis of the data collected to be able to adapt your content and your offer according to the profile of each lead and the behaviour. Depending on the relevance of the content and the personalisation for your potential customer, your chances of achieving a trusting relationship depend.

Digital marketing automation: an essential tool

Digital marketing automation is an indispensable tool to better personalise the relationship with your prospects through further segmentation. Digital marketing automation is an indispensable tool for saving time in marketing campaigns. Marketing strategies are increasingly moving towards a technique that aims to bring in the customer instead of looking for them through inbound marketing. However, the outbound marketing approach is still quite traditional and consists of buying the interest of the prospects during the promotional operations. But the inconvenience of this method is that it generates a lot of poor quality traffic and it becomes difficult to turn visitors into more qualified leads. Inbound in marketing remains at the top of the stage for easy acquisition of qualified leads through more relevant content. But inbound and outbound data complement each other.

The favourite device for most consumers

Mobile phones and tablets are the progressive choice for many customers to browse the internet. These customers can watch videos, check emails, perform several tasks from their smartphone, use social networks or search for information. Companies must therefore integrate digital marketing automation to set up a responsive website with newsletters or an application to allow users and potential consumers to access optimal content from their touch device.
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