PIM: which sales channels are connected?

Distribution channels are essential for the sale of services and products. Also, in order to meet the needs of customers and develop turnover, omnichannel and multichannel are possible strategies. In fact, the line between online and physical shops is becoming increasingly blurred. The choice of distribution channels is a difficult matter. If you want to manage your product information, you have to select the sales channels that connect with the PIM.

The direct channel

Depending on the business, a company turns to particular distribution channels to offer the product to the end buyer. In addition, certain sales channels have become established in the trade. In this respect, the direct sales channel is a classic mechanism. In combination with PIM, the direct sales channel allows manufacturers and producers to distribute their products or services immediately to customers. Indeed, B2B sales distribution is carried out by telephone. Any producer uses online sales and registers the order with an online merchant site, by email or by telephone. If you need to find out more about the distribution channels that are associated with the product information management solution, please visit https://www.goaland.com/

The short channel

This is a sales channel relating to a distribution circuit associated only with a single intermediary. It can be combined with the PIM solution to improve product information management. The role of the supplier will be held by a manufacturer and this takes place with a partner or an exclusive distributor. The latter is the intermediary responsible for purchasing the goods with a view to reselling them to end customers.

Sales channel in the case of B2B and B2C

A distribution medium does not necessarily take the form of an actual point of sale. There are other sales channels that are perfectly suited to the PIM. For example, you can opt for mail order, also known as VAD or distance selling. This system is carried out with e-catalogues. The development of Internet sales channels is the result of strong customer demand and the considerable growth of the digital world. Finally, online sales are generally carried out through marketplaces and e-commerce sites. This type of sales has undergone a major evolution thanks to the various distribution channels it offers and the many points of contact.
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