Virtualization Nation

Guide to virtual
and digital technology explains that digital strategy is a major challenge for entrepreneurs. The virtual world is playing an increasingly important role in the communication and economic environment, whatever the activity is. Digital technology has become more and more popular thanks to the explosion of social networks and the Internet.

Zoom in on the current digital trends

Growth hacking

Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a state of mind that allows to increase the efficiency of a product or a service.

E-Signature API

E-Signature API

An e-signature API is a tool that allows you to quickly integrate an e-signature at different stages of your work.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is software that can replicate human intelligence.

Digital marketing automation

Digital marketing automation

Marketing automation is a digital strategy that touches mobile, web, social networks and e-mailing.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality

Use virtual reality to experience immersion in an artificial world.

Product experience management

PXM: E-Commerce Product
Experience Management

Many people are still hesitant to move towards this evolution of the relationship with the product. Customers have become experts and take the time to analyze the products offered to them before making their purchases. Therefore, it is essential to improve this experience to increase the conversion time of prospects. How can you improve your product experience management? Please visit the product experience management platform Goaland.

PXM E-Commerce Product Experience Management

New technologies

Technology in your
daily life

VR headsets

Virtual reality headsets

VR headsets

Looking for a virtual reality headset? Consider many factors: display quality, responsiveness, comfort and compatibility.


Aerial photography system


In France, the regulations relating to drones and aeromodelling activities are attached to the Civil Aviation Code.

Voice search

Activate the voice command

Voice search

All web giants have developed their own voice search technologies. 20% of searches on Google are done by voice.

Business automation

Increasing productivity through
digital transformation

The digital transformation of companies relies heavily on robotization and automation. These technologies help to improve productivity. The use of robots improves the quality of life of workers. It allows them to move into a more highly skilled role.

Automation provides the company with an improved workforce, increased employee morale and a higher skill level. This transformation reduces margins of error, simplifies and accelerates deliveries and certain processes, more on

Trendy innovations

Contactless technology: the trends

Tomorrow's gesture interface

Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is a motion-capture device which can be integrated directly on the VR headset or attached to a removable device.

Tracking technology

The beacon

Several retailers are adopting beacon technology to locate customers near the shop.

Electronic voting

Interactive voting

The interactive voting box is usually integrated into a presentation software that displays the results instantly in different forms.

IT industrialisation

Data industrialisation

Digital transformation has a major impact on large and small companies, the economy and consumers. Industry 4.0 represents the digitalisation of the manufacturing sector. This consumption includes sensors that are integrated into all product components and manufacturing equipment.

This revolution includes four disruptive technologies: analytics, data, human-machine interaction and digital-to-physical conversion. A company’s data are important. Business leaders must also ensure that their equipment is secure and state-of-the-art.